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Are Training Schools Answering Next Generation Workforce?

This is an issue near and dear to my heart. Upon graduation from high school in 1976, my initial dream of a future career was crushed when I realized I would not be able to fulfill it. Undeterred, upon working for the Marion, Ohio division of Whirlpool Corporation I had found a home. That is … Continue reading

Shifting Sands

During the past two weeks here in my hometown Delaware, Ohio the brick and mortar facie has changed. Our beloved independent bookstore “The Beehive” have closed their doors for good. Albeit rather abruptly, the closing leaves more questions than answers. Not even the manager got any notice of the decision until the public was told, … Continue reading

File – 20% Pay Cut For 650,000 Federal Workers copy.pdf

20% Pay Cut For 650,000 Federal Workers copy.pdf Sent from my iPad

OWU History at Our Fingertips

They Say that lightning rarely strikes twice in the same area, but our own Ohio Wesleyan University has done exactly that. This week I saw an article in the “Connect to OWU” section of their website that unveils a new asset available for use at the Beeghley Library. OWU History At Our Fingertips is the … Continue reading

Bombadier Begins Testing Electrical Technology on Buses in Montreal, Germany next winter.

Bombadier will begin testing it’s new electrical technology to rapidly re-charge buses in Montreal, Germany (Two countries with serious winter effects) next winter. This technology will allow the bus to travel over special roads with electrical re-charging capabilities embedded in and under the road. Saving thousands and maybe millions of dollars in fuel costs. Read … Continue reading

Spring is Just Around the Corner

With less than six weeks till the weather warms enough to begin planting early veggies like cabbage, snow peas, etc… Tractor Supply has everything an urban or rural farm family needs.

Small business owners coping with greater stress – The Denver Post

This link below highlights what many are feeling as related to their own small business ownership futures in the worst case. This 2012 Holiday Shopping season started off brisk, but in this last week before Christmas we seem to be slowing down so that even our FedEx Express delivery driver is concerned. Many things have … Continue reading

Clueless Electorate

Young Adults described in this article are like many of our own peers, children, relatives who struggle to get a foothold in our economy and world. My youngest too had to leave College for a year to begin to work to earn cash for her senior year. Her boyfriend had to do the same, and … Continue reading

Re: Delaware County (Ohio) Sales Tax Revenues at Record Pace

Working as many of us do in our own local economy I find it hard to believe that we can have this much actual prosperity in this County. My take on the revenue increase is that it’s from the increase in the fees and licenses required for various reasons here in Delaware County. Granted we’ve … Continue reading