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10 Fascinating facts about Earth

An ever present theme in life today seems to be that “I can’t find a job.” While working on an online writing class assignment tonight I came across two very compelling videos chronicling at least 20 different occupational skilled and unskilled jobs in each. Sometimes we just have to sit back and take a look … Continue reading

2014 Delaware Arts Festival

Come on downtown to our 2014 edition of the Delaware Arts Festival today and tomorrow. Arts, Crafts, Artisans, Music, Food & fun to be had by all. We here in Delaware are most proud of our festival, since it’s been a staple of our community for at least a decade or more (I’ve only returned … Continue reading

Shifting Sands

During the past two weeks here in my hometown Delaware, Ohio the brick and mortar facie has changed. Our beloved independent bookstore “The Beehive” have closed their doors for good. Albeit rather abruptly, the closing leaves more questions than answers. Not even the manager got any notice of the decision until the public was told, … Continue reading

Parking App Takes the Anxiety out of Shopping Local

Frustrated because all your neighbors will get to the sale at Carousel Closet, Endangered Species records, Bee Hive, Fundamentals Parent/Teacher Store or make their haircut appointment at Razors Edge before you?? Entrepreneur has the solution to your problem. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324504704578412931653650290.html

OWU History at Our Fingertips

They Say that lightning rarely strikes twice in the same area, but our own Ohio Wesleyan University has done exactly that. This week I saw an article in the “Connect to OWU” section of their website that unveils a new asset available for use at the Beeghley Library. OWU History At Our Fingertips is the … Continue reading

RealClearPolicy – Online Sales Taxes Done Right

As the Online Sales Tax commentary gets more attention from various state governments some of their ideals and even drafted legislation leave much to be desired. During the last two weeks four states have introduced and in some cases passed legislation directing their state’s small businesses to begin collecting online sales taxes in direct violation … Continue reading

Tonight’s Budget Buster

Just about 15 minutes ago I topped off my gas tank at a local United Dairy Farmers Station here in Delaware, Ohio. I paid $3.55 per gallon since I heeded GasBuddy.com’s warning about the imminent price spike at 6:00 pm this evening to an expected average of $3.89 per gallon for regular and higher for … Continue reading

Spring is Just around the Corner

Forget the snow you see here across the country today, in a few weeks the weather will begin to warm permanently. Spring will bring with it the changes that we all have to deal with such as those outdoor chores around the home and garden. You know, cleaning out the gutters, fertilizing the lawn, preparing … Continue reading

Cheesy Chicken Casserole Hits the Spot when it’s cold outside

After a cold First Friday, and an awesome tour on our March For Art, it was time for some Cheesy Chicken Casserole to take the chill off. It was easy to fix and we all love it, and most importantly MDW didn’t have to cook or clean the dishes. Especially after her long day at … Continue reading

New Enterprise Development Film “We the Owners” Debuts

Check out this film made by the Foundation for Enterprise Development “We The Owners” which chronicles the idea beginnings to the actual operations and business cycle of a number of small businesses. This film garnered numerous small business film awards, and has been a hit at film festivals wherever it’s been screened. http://smallbiztrends.com/press-release/2013/02/foundation-for-enterprise-development-launches-new-documentary-film-we-the-owners/