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Veterans Mental Health: Seniors with Alzheimers S.O.S.

Earlier this afternoon I received another request for assistance with a referral for an aging Veteran Family dealing with Alzheimers in Delaware County.
Veteran Husband needed and is now receiving needed care in a Cincinnati area VA Hospital. Will be working with spouse to help her chronicle their journey to this point, as she is dealing with the Pre-Obama Care Veterans Health System that apparently is itself in short supply of geriatric specialists. She wants to make other seniors spouses aware of the fact that there seem to be some holes in the system large enough to drive two semi’s through side-by-side. I felt for this spouse and will be making some preliminary inquiries on her behalf to determine how to prevent this situation from happening to other care-giving spouses in the future.

Here in Delaware County, Ohio we have the nations leading Senior Services Agencies our very own Council for Older Adults on Cheshire Road who are supporting and serving our growing larger by the day senior population.

This situation is eerily similar to my own accidental discovery online thanks to the ever observant Stars and Stripes reporters who are referring millions of Veterans to the Tricare site to determine if you’ll have Tricare Prime after September 30 of this year. Delaware County, Ohio will not unless you are granted a mileage waiver.


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