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OWU History at Our Fingertips

They Say that lightning rarely strikes twice in the same area, but our own Ohio Wesleyan University has done exactly that. This week I saw an article in the “Connect to OWU” section of their website that unveils a new asset available for use at the Beeghley Library. OWU History At Our Fingertips is the … Continue reading

OWU Externship Is A Winner

Talked to my eldest daughter last night about what I believe may be the first of it’s kind program for any College or University in the nation. Ohio Wesleyan University’s “Externship Initiative” plants selected students with participating real world employers. This program takes place during their spring breaks and or other periods that will work … Continue reading

RealClearPolicy – Online Sales Taxes Done Right

As the Online Sales Tax commentary gets more attention from various state governments some of their ideals and even drafted legislation leave much to be desired. During the last two weeks four states have introduced and in some cases passed legislation directing their state’s small businesses to begin collecting online sales taxes in direct violation … Continue reading

Tonight’s Budget Buster

Just about 15 minutes ago I topped off my gas tank at a local United Dairy Farmers Station here in Delaware, Ohio. I paid $3.55 per gallon since I heeded GasBuddy.com’s warning about the imminent price spike at 6:00 pm this evening to an expected average of $3.89 per gallon for regular and higher for … Continue reading

At Keiko’s Bead Box Spring Breaks Out All Over

Spring is busting out all over at Keiko’s Bead Box in downtown Delaware, Ohio. As far as we’re concerned the groundhog was wrong again, we have all new pieces in our store and on our Etsy page as well. new ear and nose studs, ear rings, nose rings, material prints in many color combinations for … Continue reading

Sears Hometown Store-Delaware, Ohio

Our Sears Hometown Store-Delaware, Ohio has been open for nearly a month now, and is getting busier everyday. They are located at 1764 Columbus Pike, Delaware, Ohio just to the left of the Delaware Wal-Mart. Snow Throwers in four different sizes, Lawn & Garden Tractors from Craftsman, Husqvarna are available. there are power tools of … Continue reading

New Cabela’s Is Now Open

This afternoon Delaware County’s newest business an outdoor adult playground Cabela’s opened their doors in the Polaris area. This weekend they are giving away gift cards ranging in value from $5.00 – $500.00. Cabela’s is the outdoor outfitter of choice and is absolutely a welcome addition to Delaware County, Ohio.

30 Million Locusts Swarm Into Egypt

30 MIllion new residents just landed in Egypt over the weekend. Like College Students on spring break, they are laying siege to whatever location they fancy. Upon first reading of this story I had to be sure I was not actually reading the account in Exodus 10:1-19, where Moses warned Pharoah Ramses against testing God,and … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Disease and Uncommon Results Including Violence to Care Givers

This disease knows no class, race, religion, or gender. No matter who is involved there are always more issues for both the sufferer and the care giver. It’s sometimes difficult to tell at times who needs more help as the disease progresses. This article is one that is important to read, in order to reassure … Continue reading

Dateline: Mumbai India, Public Transit Projects Test Management Metal

This story is one for your Large Urban Transit operations toolbox. Just think if you had a population the size of Mumbai (Formerly Bombay, India) India and three large projects on your plate. There wouldn’t be enough Alka-Seltzer to cure the upset stomach and sleepless nights you’re having if you’re in charge of completing these … Continue reading