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Another Marion County Education Legend To Retire at School Years End

Another Marion County Educational Legend to retire at the end of this 2013 school year. Ed Goodwin, who brought Robotics to so many retires this year after a 30-year teaching career. Bringing the next “Big Thing” to the children of Marion County has been an integral part of Ed’s educational success up to this point. … Continue reading

New Enterprise Development Film “We the Owners” Debuts

Check out this film made by the Foundation for Enterprise Development “We The Owners” which chronicles the idea beginnings to the actual operations and business cycle of a number of small businesses. This film garnered numerous small business film awards, and has been a hit at film festivals wherever it’s been screened. http://smallbiztrends.com/press-release/2013/02/foundation-for-enterprise-development-launches-new-documentary-film-we-the-owners/

Bombadier Begins Testing Electrical Technology on Buses in Montreal, Germany next winter.

Bombadier will begin testing it’s new electrical technology to rapidly re-charge buses in Montreal, Germany (Two countries with serious winter effects) next winter. This technology will allow the bus to travel over special roads with electrical re-charging capabilities embedded in and under the road. Saving thousands and maybe millions of dollars in fuel costs. Read … Continue reading

Spring is Just Around the Corner

With less than six weeks till the weather warms enough to begin planting early veggies like cabbage, snow peas, etc… Tractor Supply has everything an urban or rural farm family needs.

The True Story of TAPS

This is one of the best Civil War / Military History articles I’ve ever seen, read it and let me know what you think. http://www.cojoweb.com/Taps.html Sent from my iPad

The words to “Taps”

The words to “Taps”

The words to “Taps”

The words to “Taps”

The words to “Taps”