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4th of July Weekend

Here we are already at the crossroads of summer with the highlight of this season the upcoming 4th of July celebrations. Went to a supply store here in town to get more business supplies and am sitting right here in the library pecking away at this entry before moving on to other research and work. Since cancelling my outdated Verizon Wireless device I now find myself in a similar situation to those other home business owners who are looking ahead to the next consumer season (Christmas). They don’t call it “Christmas in July” for nothing, as some of my fellow home workers / moon lighters prepare for the next business day.

I don’t know how much longer my day job will last at our local aftermarket transit distributor, but I’m ready for a change anyway. Been there for nearly eight years in a job with no future, so I’m looking for the right moment to exit and not leave them in a fix. They have been good to me, and I need to do right by them, as any bridges we burn might prove to be our only lifeline(s).

There have been some changes to our downtown Delaware, Ohio business mix, but all in all we are doing better than average for a city our size (approx. 40k people).

One of those “Life-Defining” epiphany’s happened earlier this week when my dear wife (Memora*bead*ia owner) came to the realization I’ve tried to drive home for the entire 4-1/2 years we’ve been married. She finally said in words out of her own mouth the same thing I’ve said to her that “working from home requires the ability to determine the home life / work balance and not blur the lines.

Well, tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 pm our Fourth of July Parade steps off from the fairgrounds and will end at the same place as our Memorial Day Parade down Wilmer and Henry Street intersection.

Sorry for the ramble today, but times being what they are I have to get comments in while I can.

Happy 4th of July America.


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Retired navy Storekeeper (submarines and surface fleet). Self employed as inventory analyst at a major transit bus aftermarket division. Married, 4 kids (youngest in college), 1-cat.


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